Lesselyong-Sadowska-Kesler-Martin-Altmann Post 54


The local post of the American Legion was organized June 18, 1919 at a meeting held at the ols Armory located in the 100 block of W 2nd St. for the purpose of electing permanent officers.

The meeting was called to order by Capt. E. O. Witt, Temporary Chairman. Mayor Henry Kalsched was introduced, and in a very appropriate manner welcomed home the returning soldiers. He alsoexpresse the desire that the boys would avail themselves of Marshfield's hospitality and have a good time during the Red Arrow celebration.
Capt. Witt then explained how a temporatuy organization of AmericanWar Veterans had been formed, while most of the soldiers were still in the service and that the purpose of the meeting was to elect permanent officrs and perfect an permanent organizaytion.
Nominations were placed in order for chairman. Motion made and carried that Major Robert Connor be elected Chairman. After occupying the chair to which he had been elected, Major Conner thanked the comrades for the honor they had bestowed upon him. He also explained his position as regards the returned soldier, stating that he was in favor of doing everything possible in aiding the returned soldier, and that in order to accomplish this it would be necessary to have a strong organization.Nominations announced in order for Secretary. Motion made and carried that Capt. Fred B. Rhyner be elected Secretary. Motion carried that the only chair appoint a committee of three as a nominating committee to submit names for members of the Organization Committee, Finance Committee and Welfare Committee. The chair appointed as such
Capt. L. H. Schoenhofen, Corp. Glen Kraus and Sgt. Albert Wirkus. After a short recess the meeting was again called to order and this committee reported as follows:
Organization Committee           
         Sgt. Fred Olson           
         Pvt. J. S. McDonald           
         Pvt. Chas. M Pors           
         Seaman M. D. Masten           
         Sgt. H. O. Wildish
Finance Committee           
         Sgt. A. J. Rasmussen           
         Sgt. A. J. Pankow           
         Sgt. A. M. Laemle
Welfare Committee           
          Capt. Geo. Wood           
          Sgt. Albert Wirkus           
          Sgt. John Dawson

Motion carried that the secretary be instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for members of the above committees as submitted by the nominating committee.

Motion carried that Capt. John Kohl be declared elected Chaplain. 

Motion Carried that Sgt. Irwin Wendt be declared elected Sergeant at Arms.

The following subjects were discussed: Meeting dates, name of organization, dues, preference of memorial. It was decided to meet the first Wednesday of each month, the next regular meeting to be held in August. The name of the Local organization and the amount of dues was left to the organization committee, with instructions to submit several names and plans for dues at the next regular meeting.

The organization placed itself on record as being in favor of an armory as their preference for a suitable memorial for those who made the supreme sacrifice.
There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

        F. B. Rhyner, Secretary
        Per G. S. Wood Jr.  


A temporary organization of the veterans of World War l was formed early in 1919 with Capt Edward O. Witt as temporary Chairman. This was before any veterans had returned home. The first meeting of the returned veterans was held at the Armory June 18, 1919. The minutes which are included in this history. The meeting was prior to the adoption of the name "American Legion". There were two conflicting groups in Wisconsin striving to get national affiliation. One of these had a convention in Milwaukee, July 7th and 8th, 1919 to which three delegates were sent from the Marshfield organization. By the way, the total expenses of the three delegates for two days in Milwaukee, including transportation, hotel, meals, etc. was $61.40. Future delegates please note. During the summer of 1919 the state straightend these conflicting groups out. And they became one under the name of "American Legion".

The first charter was dated August 24th, 1919, and the orginal signers of the application for the charter were as follows:
R Conner             Leo Luis                 William Pors
Fred B Rhyner     Fred Braem            George S Wood
A. J. Rasmussen   Warten Wikus         Vernon Kelly
John Kohl            William Maass       Chas Normington
M. H. Kraus         Walter C. Mueller  William Beseler
A permanent charter was issued September 14, 1925, Registration Number 8126. The local post was incorporated in 1940, and supplemental charter to this effect was issued March 26, 1940. On April 4, 1946 a committee was appointed to submit the name of a World War ll veteran to be added to the name of the Post. The committee selected Ivan G. Sadowska.

The permanent charter was voided March 4, 1947 on account of the change in the name of the post, and a new charter was issued March 7, 1947. A supplemental charter replaced the one issued March 26, 1940, also issued on the same date, March 7, 1947.

On June 5, 1947 the formal presentation of the charter to the Post was made by District Commander Emil Gehrke.